Computer Hardware and Software

Cascade Computers prides itself on providing high quality computer and network systems that are built specifically for your needs. All systems come configured for your network environment or internet connection with only the software and options that you want installed.

Desktop computers are all custom built with parts from industry leaders such as Intel, Seagate Technologies, Kingston and Antec.  Weather you need a mini-PC that will fit in the palm of your hand or a high end engineering CAD system; we can design and build a system that is just right for your needs.  Systems are priced and built when ordered and take approximately 10 working days to build and test.

Server systems are also custom built from the same industry leaders but using their higher quality and higher reliability server components.  Server design process starts with us gathering information on how the server will be used, how many users will be connected, and what type of growth we can expect to see over the server’s life time.  We then design the system accordingly.

Cascade Computers recommends and sells mostly Cisco network equipment from either their Small Business or Enterprise line of equipment.  As with servers, we strive to understand your needs and potential growth before quoting any particular piece of network equipment.  We can provide network design, programming and installation for anything from a single router replacement to a wide area wireless mesh network.

For laptops and tablets, Cascade Computers resells Lenovo brand equipment.

Cascade Computers is a Microsoft certified partner and resells desktop and server software as well as fully supporting all Microsoft software products that we sell.  We also resell and configure TrendMicro Antivirus and security software, Backup Assist backup software, Tiger Paw CRM software, Adobe products and Intuit QuickBooks.

Cascade will provide quotes for various quantities. Prices can include network configuration, switches, servers and server software, backup and recovery systems or just a stand alone home or business PC.

We also provide a full line of software, peripherals and computer accessories in support of our services. Many items are special order, but we do carry a small amount of hardware and software on hand in support of our business.